Interference Test Kit EXTRA


Catalog #: K2010008
Interference Test Kit EXTRA contains 9 endogenous substances to use in routine assay interference testing. Interference Test Kit EXTRA includes concentrated stock solutions of Biotin, Creatinine, EDTA, Glucose, Glycerol, Intralipid, Pyruvate, Urea and Cholesterol. Interference Test Kit conveniently includes the diluent to be used when testing each of the interfering substances. This kit can be used in conjunction with Interference Test Kit (K2010001) and Rheumatoid Factor Interference Kit (K2010007), which contain additional endogenous interference substances.

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Interference Test Kit EXTRA

Catalog number: K2010008
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Package Content

Substance Concentration Diluent Volume/Amount
Biotin 200 ug/mL Diluent A 1 mL
Creatinine 50 mg/mL Diluent A 1 mL
EDTA 500 mM (190 mg/mL) Diluent A 1 mL
Glucose 250 mg/mL Diluent A 1 mL
Glycerol 10 mg/mL Diluent A 1 mL
Intralipid 20 % (w/v) Diluent A 1 mL
Pyruvate 20 mg/mL Diluent A 1 mL
Urea 200 mg/mL Diluent A 1 mL
Cholesterol na na 100 mg powder
Diluent A na na 2 mL
Other names: Endogenous Substances Interference Test Kit,Interference testing in clinical chemistry
Keywords: Biotin, Creatinine, EDTA, Glucose, Glycerol, Intralipid, Pyruvate, Urea, Cholesterol, Interferent, Interference, interference edta urea
Shelf-life 12 months
Storage: -20°C

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Interference Testing Brochure


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