HAMA Interference Kit


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HAMA Interference Kit is a collection of 6 serum samples aimed at assessing the interference of Human Anti-Mouse Antibodies (HAMA) in immunoassays. The kit includes five HAMA-positive serum samples (PS1 to PS5) with HAMA concentrations up to 200 ng/mL (as established by a HAMA ELISA assay) as well as one HAMA-negative serum sample (NS). This kit is for Research Use Only. This kit is not for diagnostic use.

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HAMA Interference Kit

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Package Size: 1 kit, 6 samples (NS and PS1-PS5)
Other names: Human Anti-mouse Antibodies Interference Kit
Keywords Hama interference Testing, Hama Interference Immunoassays, Hama antibody interference, Hama bridging inference
Concentration:  -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.


About HAMA

For decades, immunoassays have relied heavily on mouse antibodies for the detection of various analytes. The accuracy of these assays can, however, suffer dramatically when patient samples contains human anti-mouse antibodies. Indeed, HAMA are often associated with inaccurate results and false positives because they can bind to both capture and detection antibodies and can generate non-specific immunoassay signals. This so-called HAMA problem is especially noticeable in patients receiving mouse antibodies therapies. Assessing the tolerance of an immunoassay to HAMA is a corner stone in assay development.


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