Interference Test Kit


Catalog #: K2010001

Interference Test Kit containing six endogenous substances to use in assay routine interference testing. Interference Test Kit includes concentrated stock solutions of Ascorbic Acid (176 mg/mL), Free Bilirubin (20 mg/mL), Conjugated Bilirubin (20 mg/mL), Human Hemoglobin (200 mg/mL), Human Serum Proteins (20 g/dL), and a Triglycerides mix (1000 mg/mL). Interference Test Kit conveniently includes the diluents to be used when testing each of the interfering substances. This kit can be used in conjunction with Interference Test Kit EXTRA (K2010008) and Rheumatoid Factor Interference Kit (K2010007), which contain additional endogenous interference substances.

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