Rheumatoid Factor Interference Kit


Catalog #: K2010007
A ready-to-use kit to test Rheumatoid Factor (RF) interference in immunoassays. The kit includes a concentrated RF solution (human plasma containing an extremely high level of RF, 2 mL) and the corresponding plasma diluent (Rheumatoid Factor Diluent, 8 mL). The kit also includes a protocol to test to RF Interference. Rheumatoid Factor and Rheumatoid Factor Diluent are specially formulated to suppress any matrix issues and highly recommended when testing the true RF interference in immunoassays.

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Rheumatoid Factor Interference Kit

Catalog number: K2010007
Lot number: Batch Dependent
Expiration date: Batch Dependent
Package Content Rheumatoid Factor (2 mL). Rheumatoid Factor Diluent (8 mL)
Other names: RF, rheumatoid arthritis factor, rheumatoid arthritis antibody,
Keywords: Rheumatoid Factor, RF, rheumatoid arthritis factor, rheumatoid arthritis antibody, Rheumatoid factor interference immunoassays, Rheumatoid factor Elisa interference, Rheumatoid factor assay interference, rheumatoid factor interference kits
Shelf-life 12 months
Storage: -20°C

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