Molecular Depot Corporate Headquarters

Molecular Depot is an innovative biochemical company located in San Diego, California.

We specialize in the development of time-saving and cost-effective research tools as well as hard-to-find biochemicals. Our products include:

  • Specialty Bacterial Culture Media
  • Antibodies & Antigens
  • Enzymes & Proteins
  • Chemical Compounds & Molecular Conjugates
  • Research Kits
  • Reagent Stabilization Solutions

Molecular Depot also provides consulting and contract research services in:

  • Protein Expression & Purification
  • Antibody & Antigen Screening
  • Optimization of Enzymatic Reactions
  • Bio-conjugation
  • Reagent Stabilization
  • Experimental Design, Data Collection and Data Analysis

Molecular Depot is a proud supplier of research products to:

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