Crystallization Screen for Protein-DNA Complexes


Catalog #: K1010003

Crystallization screen consisting of 48 unique crystallization reagents that were proven to be successful in crystallizing protein-DNA complexes. These 48 reagents were formulated after analyzing over 7000 published protein-DNA crystallization conditions and formulating unique reagents that included critical components for the growth of protein-DNA crystals such as the presence of polyamines, PEG of various molecular weights, divalent ions, various salts, reducing agents and other additives.

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Crystallization Screen for Protein-DNA Complexes.

Catalog # K1010003
Content 48 unique crystallization reagents (2 mL each)
Storage 2-8°C.
Keywords Crystallization screen, crystal screen, protein-DNA complex, protein-nucleic acids, crystal growth


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