Rabbit anti-V5 tag IgG Conjugated to DyLight 488


Catalog Number: B2011124 (100 µg)
Rabbit anti-V5 tag IgG Conjugated to DyLight 488 is a high quality affinity-purified, DyLight 488-Conjugated Rabbit anti-V5 tag IgG primary antibody. This product has been used as molecular tool for various biochemical applications. It has also been used in a wide array of other chemical and immunological applications. Custom bulk amounts of this product are available upon request.

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Rabbit anti-V5 tag IgG Conjugated to DyLight 488
Catalog number: B2011124
Lot number: Batch Dependent
Expiration Date: Batch dependent
Amount: 100 µg
Molecular Weight or Concentration: 1 mg/mL
Supplied as: Solution
Applications: molecular tool for various biochemical applications
Storage: -20 °C
Keywords: anti-V5 tag IgG DyLight 488
Grade: Biotechnology grade. All products are highly pure. All solutions are made with Type I ultrapure water (resistivity >18 MΩ-cm) and are filtered through 0.22 um.

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