Cystatin C Protein Recombinant


Catalog #: P2010015 – 1 mg
Recombinant human Cystatin C protein can be used as antigen in ELISA and other immunoassay research applications. It can also be used to formulate high and low working solutions of Cystatin C.

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Cystatin C Protein Recombinant

Catalog number: P2010015
Lot number: Batch Dependent
Expiration date: Batch Dependent
Package Size: 1.0 mg and bulk
Other names: Human Cystatin C
Supplied as: Lyophilized powder
Molecular Weight: 13 kDa
Purity: > 95% pure
Buffer: Reconstitute in PBS at 0.5 mg/mL.
Storage: 2-8°C (short term), -20°C (long term). Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.


References Related to Cystatin C Protein Recombinant

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