Laetiporus sulphureus Lectin Agarose Beads


Catalog Number: B2010904 (2 mL)
Laetiporus sulphureus Lectin Agarose Beads consist of high qyality recombinant Laetiporus sulphureus Lectin (N-terminal domain) coupled to agarose beads. This product has been used as molecular tool for various biochemical applications. It has also been used in a wide array of other biochemical and immunological applications. Custom bulk amounts of this product are available upon request.

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Laetiporus sulphureus Lectin Agarose Beads
Catalog number: B2010904
Lot number: Batch Dependent
Expiration Date: Batch dependent
Amount: 2 mL
Molecular Weight or Concentration: na
Supplied as: Suspension
Applications: molecular tool for various biochemical applications
Storage: 2-8C
Keywords: rLSL-N-Agarose, Recombinant Laetiporus sulphureus lectin N-Terminal Domain, rLSL-N-LecBeads
Grade: Biotechnology grade. All products are highly pure. All solutions are made with Type I ultrapure water (resistivity >18 MΩ-cm) and are filtered through 0.22 um.

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7: Angulo I, Acebrón I, de las Rivas B, Muñoz R, Rodríguez-Crespo I, Menéndez M, García P, Tateno H, Goldstein IJ, Pérez-Agote B, Mancheño JM. High-resolution structural insights on the sugar-recognition and fusion tag properties of a versatile β-trefoil lectin domain from the mushroom Laetiporus sulphureus Glycobiology. 2011 Oct;21(10):1349-61.
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