IgA Antibody: Anti Human IgA Antibody Monoclonal


Catalog #: A2010018 – 0.20 mg

A monoclonal antibody to human IgA. This antibody can be used in ELISA, Western Blot and other immuno-detection methods. It can also be used to reduce interferences caused by human IgA antibodies. Three clones are available (4D11, 5A7 and 6H8). Bulk pricing and biotinylation services are available.

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Anti Human IgA Antibody

Catalog number: A2010018
Lot number: Batch Dependent
Expiration date: Batch Dependent
Package Size: 0.2 mg
Concentration: 1 mg/mL
Other names: Antibody to IgA, anti IgA antibody,
Supplied as: Solution
Host: Mouse
Target: Human IgA
Clonality: IgG Monoclonal (three clones available 4D11, 5A7 and 6H8)
Purification: Affinity purified on Protein A Sepharose
Preservative: 0.05% sodium azide
Storage: 2-8°C (short term), -20°C (long term). Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.



  • IgG anti-IgA antibodies in paediatric antibody-deficient patients receiving intravenous immunoglobulin. Torabi Sagvand B, Mirminachi B, Abolhassani H, Shokouhfar T, Keihanian T, Amirzargar A, Mahdaviani A, Aghamohammadi A. Allergol Immunopathol (Madr). 2015 Jul-Aug;43(4):403-8.
  • Concentrations of Pneumococcal IgA and IgM are compromised in some individuals with antibody deficiencies. Echeverría de Carlos A, Gómez de la Torre R, García Carus E, Caminal Montero L, Bernardino Díaz López J, Suárez Casado H, Molinos Matin L, Tricas Aizpún L, Harding S, Parker AR. J Immunoassay Immunochem. 2017;38(5):505-513.
  • Isolation of rabbit IgA antihapten antibody and demonstration of skin-sensitizing activity in homologous skin. Onoue K, Yagi Y, Pressman D. J Exp Med. 1966 Jan 1;123(1):173-90.
  • Differences in Maternal Immunoglobulins within Mother’s Own Breast Milk and Donor Breast Milk and across Digestion in Preterm Infants. Demers-Mathieu V, Huston RK, Markell AM, McCulley EA, Martin RL, Spooner M, Dallas DC. Nutrients. 2019 Apr 24;11(4):920.
  • Polyclonal IgM and IgA block in vitro complement deposition mediated by anti-ganglioside antibodies in autoimmune neuropathies. Sudo M, Miyaji K, Späth PJ, Morita-Matsumoto K, Yamaguchi Y, Yuki N. Int Immunopharmacol. 2016 Nov;40:11-15.
  • Preemptive treatment of early donor-specific antibodies with IgA- and IgM-enriched intravenous human immunoglobulins in lung transplantation. Ius F, Verboom M, Sommer W, Poyanmehr R, Knoefel AK, Salman J, Kuehn C, Avsar M, Siemeni T, Erdfelder C, Hallensleben M, Boethig D, Schwerk N, Mueller C, Welte T, Falk C, Haverich A, Tudorache I, Warnecke G. Am J Transplant. 2018 Sep;18(9):2295-2304.

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