NativePro Bradford Protein Assay Kit (Automated)


Catalog #: K1010006 (250 Tests)
NativeProTM is a versatile, ultra-fast (10 min) and wide-dynamic-range (10 ug/mL to 1000 ug/mL) protein assay kit for accurate and precise determination of protein concentrations in solution. It can be run on virtually any automated chemistry analyzers (including the Beckman Coulter AU series) as well as automated microtiter plates handling devices. The assay can also be run manually using individual cuvettes or a microtiter plate. The assay kit comprises two liquid-stable, ready-to-use reagents (namely Reagent R1 and Reagent R2). It also includes a set of 6 liquid-stable, ready-to-use, analytical BSA standard with certified and traceable concentrations. An optional two-level BSA control set is also available. The kit has a one-year shelf life at 2-8 °C. By eliminating manual steps such as reagent dilution and standard reconstitution/formulation and being fully adaptable to automation, NativeProTM is the most accurate and user-friendly protein assay kit on the market. NativeProTM is ideal for the quantification of purified enzymes, antibodies and other proteins. This assay kit is for Research Use Only and is not intended for diagnostic procedures.

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NativePro Bradford Protein Assay Kit (Automated)

Catalog number: K1010006
Lot number: Batch dependent
Expiration date: Batch dependent
Dynamic Range 10-1000 μg/mL
Package Content Reagent R1: 60 mL. Reagent R2: 13 mL. Analytical BSA Standards (6 x 2 mL)
Other names: Protein Assay, Bradford Protein Assay, Bradford Assay, Bradford Reagent, Coomassie Protein Assay, Protein Assay Kit, Bradford Test, Bradford Assay Kit
Supplied as: Reagents kit with a 6-level calibrator set
Intended Use: In vitro Research Use Only
Storage: 2-8°C (short term)


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NativePro Flyer

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NativePro Bradford Protein Assay Calibration Curve

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NativePro Bradford Protein Assay Precision

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NativePro Bradford Protein Assay Method Comparison

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 Dilution Linearity

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