NativeLyser Soluble Protein Lysis Buffer


Catalog #: B2010007 (1 Liter)
NativeLyserTM is a bacterial cell lysis buffer specially formulated to promote the efficient breakdown of bacterial cells while solubilizing and stabilizing the released recombinant proteins. NativeLyser contains a proprietary cocktail of stabilizers that prevent the loss of recombinant proteins during the preparation of cell-free extracts. By preventing denaturation, proteolytic degradation and non-specific protein aggregation, NativeLyserTM creates a protein-friendly environment when recombinant proteins are released from the bacterial cytoplasm. We recommend the use of NativeLyserTM to purify proteins expressed using the NativeFolderTM Bacterial Culture Medium. NativeLyserTM is provided as a 5X concentrated solution (200 mL) that can be diluted with di-water to produce 1L of ready-to-use buffer.

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